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Our journey starts in 1938 thanks to the talent and intuition of our founder

Our history

The talent and intuition of Tocco Magico’s founder, Amulio Sarra, set our journey in motion in 1938.

Passionate about hair products and always aware of the more recent trends and more advanced techniques, Amulio Sarra created two tools that have revolutionized the world of hairdressing: the hair straightener and a brush with a hidden ink reservoir to touch up white hair, camouflaging it through a real and unique ‘Tocco Magico’ (literally, magic touch). Success was immediate and brought clients from all over the country, eager to color their hair. Thus the first catalogue of products was born, which was particularly appreciated by women and responded to the most advanced techniques and stylistic requirements of the time.

From the start, success has been the result of thorough research on the natural hair structure and on skin protection in terms of the use of chemical products. Tocca Magico was actually the first to use herbal extracts to produce hair colouring products. Today a Research and Development Department is responsible for the improvement of production techniques, respecting the environment and not testing on animals.

Throughout its history, Tocco Magico has received numerous awards that have also resulted from the effective sales policy of the second generation of the Sarra family: a small homemade laboratory became a huge industrial complex with over two hundred employees. In 1968, the company received the Mercurio d’Oro, a European award ‘for its contributions to the development of the country and the economy’. In 1972, in Geneva, the success of Tocco Magico was crowned with the Prix d’Or or Golden Seal granted thanks to its exceptional performances and to the quality of Color Ton 100ml, a permanent coloring cream with extracts of natural herbs.

In the 80s and 90s, a multitude of innovative products expanded the collection. At the same time, the company decided to focus on training and learning by creating the High School Academy, which still offers today professional training to young hairdressers.

In 1995, with the company being increasingly stronger thanks to the initiatives, meetings, advertising campaigns and new products that it developed, Tocco Magico decided to venture into the international market with the opening of a shop in New York. The event was celebrated with a meeting held in Taormina with the participation of international artists. With the consolidation of various distribution channels, Tocco Magico turned its attention to markets such as China and India, with the next targets being the emerging markets in Latin America.

Tradition and solid experience have been passed from generation to generation and have provided our products with high levels of quality, which was recognized over 10 years ago by the ISO 9001 international certification for the ‘production and marketing of hair care products and for the support and training provided to hairdressers’. The label ‘Made in Italy 100% Certificate’ and the use of GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices ensure that our products fully comply with the most stringent standards in terms of quality assurance and with international regulations regarding their composition and safe use. Tocco Magico is proud to have developed over one hundred hair care products specifically designed for professional use. And research continues…