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We are pleased to announce that our NorCalsalonservices.com (NorCalSS.com) Website is up and live and on a screen near you. This is a membership site; in order to see the prices, the sales and the deals and to purchase items you need to be a member. To become a member is free and easy click "Register" from the menu or click here. This will take you to a page to fill out account information. Enter the information there and click “Create”. The essential information is your First name, Phone number, and your Current cosmetology license number.  Without this information we can not open an account for you. This will let us know you want to be a member. We will then send a confirmation invitation email to you letting you know that your account has been activated.

Please be aware we do not ship internationally.

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If you have any difficulties please contact us at 541-664-6836 or toll free 888-802-9123